Privacy Policy

Please defer to our Terms as it applies sitewide.

With the exception of errors, outbound SMTP emails, and/or when spam or malicious activity is detected:

  • We do not store any emails to disk storage nor databases.
  • We do not store any metadata about emails.
  • We do not store any logs for SMTP traffic.
  • We do not store any IP addresses for SMTP traffic.

For transparency, at any time you can view our source code to see how the information below is collected and used:

Strictly for functionality and to improve our service, we collect and store securely the following information:

  • We store a cookie in a session for your website traffic.
  • We store your email address that you provide us with.
  • We store your domain names, aliases, and outbound SMTP emails that you provide us with.
  • We store logs for 30 days for website and API traffic.
  • We store 4xx and 5xx SMTP response code error logs for 7 days.
  • We store outbound SMTP emails for ~30 days – this varies based off the "Date" header; since we allow emails to be sent in the future if a future "Date" header exists. Note that once an email is successfully delivered or permanently errors, then we will redact and purge the message body. If you would like to configure your outbound SMTP email message body to be retained longer than the default of 0 days (after successfully delivery or permanent error), then go to Advanced Settings for your domain and enter a value between 0 and 30. Some users enjoy using the My Account > Emails preview feature to see how their emails are rendered, therefore we support a configurable retention period.
  • Any additional information you voluntarily provide us, such as comments or questions submitted to us by email or on our help page.

We do not share your information with any third parties. We also do not use any third-party analytics nor telemetry software services.

We may need to and will comply with court ordered legal requests (but keep in mind we do not collect information mentioned above under "Information Not Collected", so we will not be able to provide it to begin with).

If at any time if you wish to remove information that you have provided us with, then go to My Account > Security and click "Delete Account".

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