Our privacy policy is simple: We do not keep logs nor store emails. We don't track you.


Zero Tolerance Policy

Regain your right to privacy

We only store the essential information required for the service to be functional for you.

Privacy Policy

Table of Contents

Information Not Collected

  • We do not store any emails.
  • We do not store any metadata about emails.
  • We do not store any logs.
  • We do not store any IP addresses.
  • We do not store any browser information.

Information Collected

For transparency, at any time you can view our source code to see how the information below is collected and used:

  • We store a cookie in a session for your visit (strictly for functionality). This cookie is stored securely in our Redis database.
  • We store your email address (strictly for functionality). This email address is stored securely in our MongoDB database.
  • We store your domain name(s) and alias(es) you create (strictly for functionality). This information is stored securely in our MongoDB database.
  • Any additional information you voluntarily provide us, such as comments or questions in a Help request.

Information Shared

We do not share your information with any third-party whatsoever (with the exception of Postmark, which we use for transactional emails, e.g. for account verification or password reset emails).

We may need to and will comply with court ordered legal requests (but keep in mind we do not collect information mentioned above, so we will not be able to provide it to begin with).

Information Removal

If at any time if you wish to remove information that you have provided us with, then go to My Account > Security and click "Delete Account".