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Happy Users.

Congrats for fully launching Forward Email – a forwarding service for email that doesn't keep logs or store emails, and which works with ARC to ensure signed forwards don't trip email filters 👏. I'm a happy user! ❤️
Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp & HEY
abhi nemaniVerified
Have now switched email forwarding from MailGun to Simple and painless (and free!). Just some DNS changes, and it just works. Thanks
Government Technology Advisor, Sacramento and Los Angeles
Andrew Escobar (Andres)Verified
This is so dope. Thank you.
Fintech Explorer and Open Finance Advocate
Ullrich Schäfer
Thanks so much for! It solves a real problem for our little org!
Mobile Lead at Pitch, Formerly at Facebook and Soundcloud
Andre Goncalves
So they made this cool app that forwards email from your own domain to your Gmail inbox. There is even a catch all option, so sales@, support@, etc all goes to your own inbox. Check it out! It's free!
Computer Engineer, Software Developer
Thanks for your What you've done is a beautiful thing! Your FAQ just smacks of integrity, and is just the thing I need.

Protect your inbox.

We use industry standard email header validation and signature checks, spam prevention tools, DNS blacklist lookups, and domain verification. All powered by Cloudflare's privacy-first consumer DNS service.

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Our Features

Privacy First

We created this service because you have a right to privacy. Existing services did not respect it. We use robust encryption with TLS, do not store SMTP logs, and do not write your emails to disk storage.

Regain your privacy Regain your privacy

Disposable Addresses

Create a specific or an anonymous email address that forwards to you. You can even assign it a label and enable or disable it at any time to keep your inbox tidy. Your actual email address is never exposed.

Disposable addresses Disposable addresses

Multiple Recipients and Wildcards

You can forward a single address to multiple, and even use wildcard addresses – also known as catch-all's. Managing your company's inboxes has never been easier.

Start forwarding now Start forwarding now

"Send mail as" with Gmail

You'll never have to leave your inbox to send out emails as if they're from your company. Send and reply-to messages as if they're from directly from

Configure your inbox Configure your inbox

100% open-source.

Unlike other services, we do not store SMTP logs, never store your emails, and are 100% open-source. We're the only service that never stores nor writes to disk any emails – it's all done in-memory. Made by an open-source and privacy advocate.

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