Onze functies

We streven naar perfectie

⚡ Razendsnelle e-mailservice.


Basisplan om te beginnen

  • Onbeperkte aangepaste domeinnamen
  • Onbeperkte e-mailadressen en aliassen
  • Onbeperkte wegwerp-e-mailadressen
  • Phishing, executable, and virus protection
  • Bijlagenlimiet van 50 MB
  • 'Stuur e-mail als' met Gmail, Outlook en Yahoo
  • Catch-all e-mailadressen
  • Meerdere ontvangers per e-mailadres
  • Onbeperkte e-mailwebhooks
  • Custom port forwarding


Unlimited domains for one fee

Verbeterde bescherming

Geavanceerde functies en ondersteuning

  • Alles inbegrepen in gratis, plus:
  • Verbeterde privacy voor het doorsturen van e-mail
  • Directe DNS-propagatie (geen wachttijd)
  • Makkelijk te gebruiken e-mailalias en importmanager
  • Automatisch slim waarschuwingssysteem
  • Browser-extensie
  • Exclusieve toegang tot API-functies
  • Stuur nieuwsbrieven door naar een lijst met grote ontvangers
  • 30-dagen geld terug garantie
  • 99,99% Uptime Service Level Agreement ("SLA")


Unlimited domains for one fee


Voor kleine groepen en organisaties

  • Alles in Enhanced Protection, plus:
  • Onbeperkt toegangsbeheer voor leden
  • Gedeelde organisatorische toegang tot domein
  • Premium ondersteuning met 24 uur reactietijd


Unlimited domains for one fee


Maatwerkoplossingen en licenties

  • Alles inbegrepen in Team, plus:
  • Aangepaste licentieovereenkomst
  • Ontwerp en ondersteuning van technische infrastructuur
  • White-label en op maat gemaakte oplossingen
  • Beheerde implementatie met speciale IP's
  • Toegewijde ondersteuning van ons team van experts

Veel Gestelde Vragen

See Q&A below and read our FAQ for more

What is the difference between Free and Enhanced Protection?

The Free plan requires you to use public DNS records to store your forwarding configuration. Anyone with a computer can lookup your forwarding configuration in a terminal if you are on the Free plan. Unlike the Free plan, the Enhanced Protection plan uses a cryptographically generated random string to store your forwarding configuration privately.

Free Plan


Enhanced Protection Plan


Do you support email best practices?

Yes. We have built-in support for SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ARC, and SRS across all plans. We have also worked extensively with the original authors of these specifications and other email experts to ensure perfection and high deliverability.

Can I configure Spam Scanner settings?

Yes. You can toggle filters for adult-related content, phishing, executables, and viruses from Advanced Settings.

Do you offer unlimited domains for one price?

Yes. Regardless of which plan you are on, you will pay only one monthly rate – which covers all of your domains.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards using Stripe and payment with PayPal – for one-time payments and monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Will you ever increase prices?

No. Prices will never increase. Unlike other companies, we will never shutdown our service either.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee – with no questions asked.

Do you store logs or write to disk?

No. We have a Privacy policy of strictly not storing logs, metadata, nor emails. You will find that every other email forwarder either stores logs or writes your emails to a disk storage queue (or sometimes both!). This common practice is a huge security risk for you, and is another reason why we built our service. Unlike teams behind other services, we have an expert-level understanding of email technology (just take a look at our founder's GitHub!). This domain expertise allowed us to build our own custom solution that uses memory-based streams, and is lightning fast and privacy-focused.

We don't track you like other services do.

Do you have any other questions?

We are always available and usually respond within minutes of your help request.