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Congrats for fully launching Forward Email – a forwarding service for email that doesn't keep logs or store emails, and which works with ARC to ensure signed forwards don't trip email filters 👏. I'm a happy user! ❤️
Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp & HEY
abhi nemaniVerified
Have now switched email forwarding from MailGun to . Simple and painless (and free!). Just some DNS changes, and it just works. Thanks
Government Technology Advisor, Sacramento and Los Angeles
Andrew Escobar (Andres)Verified
This is so dope. Thank you.
Fintech Explorer and Open Finance Advocate
Ullrich Schäfer
Thanks so much for ! It solves a real problem for our little org!
Mobile Lead at Pitch, Formerly at Facebook and Soundcloud
Andre Goncalves
So they made this cool app that forwards email from your own domain to your Gmail inbox. There is even a catch all option, so sales@, support@, etc all goes to your own inbox. Check it out! It's free!
Computer Engineer, Software Developer
Thanks for your . What you've done is a beautiful thing! Your FAQ just smacks of integrity, and is just the thing I need.